About Us

photo_of_familyIn 1915, John S. Zimmerman began selling candy and homemade peanut butter in his new general store in Penbrook. Ninety years later, his grandson, Lee S. Zimmerman, is doing the same thing. Customers visiting Zimmerman’s feel like they are traveling back in time. Tucked away on 2701 Elm Street in Penbrook, Zimmerman’s old-fashioned candy counters offer fancy chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, candy that has delighted generations, plus goodies such as pretzels and chow chow. John S. Zimmerman ran the business until retiring in the early 1950’s then his son ran the business for more than a decade. Now, Lee S. & Donna R. Zimmerman and their two children, are managing the business.

Shortly after opening the general store in Penbrook, Zimmerman’s purchased a roaster and a couple of mills for peanuts. Peanuts were somewhat of a novel thing then, but gaining popularity so Zimmerman’s began making peanut butter. In 2004 Zimmerman’s sold more than 180,000 pounds of their top selling product, their creamy peanut butter.

candyZimmerman’s peanut butter contains no artificial sweeteners, no hydroxegynated oil and just a little salt. Our peanut butter has no carbs and no trans fat, it’s high in protein, high in energy and tastes good. Zimmerman’s peanut butter is versatile and can be used in sandwiches, cookies, pies, icings and more. It will keep in the refrigerator for up to a year.

In 1968 and 1969,Lee’s parents began to elaborate on the candy selection, bringing in Asher’s Chocolates of Lewistown and Necco Confections, such as nonpareils and chocolate covered raisins. Today Zimmerman’s has chocolates and penny candy as far as the eye can see, as well as a wide array of sugar free candy. They also stock hard-to-find gourmet ingredients, such as flavored extracts, rare spices, and fine chocolate, including Wilbur, Merckens, Peters and Guittard. During the holidays, the store is teaming with frantic bakers stocking up on glazed fruits and cookie decorations.

Whether you are a wide-eyed child or a distinguished gourmand, at Zimmerman’s Nuts and Candy, you will feel like a kid in a candy store.