Zimmerman’s Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, No Sugar Added, Low Sodium


Ingredients: Peanuts and Salt

Fresh roasted USDA only, non-GMO, Virginia Peanuts with just a bit of salt added. These USDA Virginia Peanuts are small batch, artisan roasted over a natural gas flame then ground fresh daily. No oils or sugar are added, ever, keeping this product naturally wholesome. Our technique, preserved since 1915, makes our flavor, texture, and freshness worth your time and money.


This product will be made the day it ships out to you the customer!

Store this product at room temperature for 6 months, refrigerated or frozen for up to 1 year. I personally recommend to all customers, because it has no preservatives, if your not going to eat it with in two weeks, store it immediately in the fridge, that way the oil won’t separate. Just remember to get it out of the fridge a little early if you want to spread it on soft bread.

We’ve been making this since 1915, so how do we eat it? Straight mostly, right off of the spoon. At work here we have a designated area with a container always open and waiting to dip big handmade Martin’s pretzels in, all day everyday. Apples, celery and walnuts all get dipped too. The classic pbj sandwich or wrap is always recommended. My mom likes to do a layer of butter, then a layer of peanut butter on one slice of bread, then jelly on the other slice. Its great for cookies, pies, pastries and confections such as fudge or church Easter eggs. It makes a magical Thai peanut sauce, that’s for sure. My dad always puts a scoop in his Chili or Oatmeal.  You can add it to shakes and ice cream. And I’ll never forget, a distributor told me he smears it on bottom of his cereal bowl. So that every time he gets a scoop of cereal and milk there is a little bit of peanut butter on his spoon.

Just like you shake your juice or mix your yogurt, you might have to stir this peanut butter. Usually the oil separates over a period of time, such as from sitting in a distribution warehouse or on grocery store shelves.  However, you will receive this product so fresh that oil separation, if any, will be minuscule and from delivery only.


Additional information

Weight 88 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 in

12/15 oz Case, 6/32 oz Case, 4/80 oz Case, 15 oz. tub, 32 oz. tub, 80 oz. tub, 30 lbs. tub